Villa Aurelia, property of the American Academy in Rome, from the time of its construction has assumed various names accompanying changes in ownership: Villa Farnese, Villa Borbone, Villa Giraud, Villa Savorelli, Villa Heyland. The Villa was built by Cardinal Girolamo Farnese (1599 – 1668/69) atop the Gianiculum, along the Aurelian walls close to Porta San Pancrazio. The property had belonged to Pope Paolo III as part of the Farnese family vineyards.


Villa Aurelia was recently restored by Studio Einaudi architects .The restoration effort was led on behalf of the American Academy in Rome - by Mercedes T. Bass (Trustee and Chair for the Villa Restoration), the American Academy in Rome Plant, Planning & Preservation Committee.

The restoration project also brought to light a small stretch of the Aurelian wall in the substructure of the Villa. The Einaudi project began in 2000 and was completed two years later. By May of 2002 Villa Aurelia was again one of the most suggestive and beautiful properties in Rome.


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